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Mazen Nahawi Elected President of FIBEP

Mazen Nahawi, News Group president, was elected president of FIBEP - the world's largest media intelligence organization, during the association's bi-annual congress that was help in Thessaloniki in Greece. Mr. Nahawi pledged to bring a new energy to FIBEP and help establish an extensive professional development program and to support FIBEP members transition from conventional press clipping business models into the digital age.

"FIBEP is a unique associaton," explained Nahawi. "Established more than 50 years ago we have members who enjoy close bonds on a personal and professional level. Very few associations world-wide have the cammaradery and close relationships that FIBEP members enjoy - I aim to help translate these bonds into a force for transforming our industry into the digital age."

FIBEP has more than 80 members in nearly 40 countries around the world and employs over 13,000 people. Its members include virtually all of the world's major media monitoring and analysis companies.