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“We cannot Google the future” says Mazen Nahawi during an interview with Diego Dillenberger, host of Argentine TV show La Hora de Maquiavelo.
July 5, 2011, Argentina

Mazen said, “Social Media has become a great democratizing tool; it is a kind of tool and process that allows everybody to become a part of the political and national discourse of communication. People are able to talk about politics, society, personal issues and by being able to listen to people on social media, we can do in Latin America what we did in the Middle East.”

Mazen explains during the interview that on social media you have access to millions of people who are talking genuinely without any filter about what they think, they believe and what they are going to do.

When asked about the monitoring sarcastic statements made by social media users; Mazen told Diego, “Social media research should not always be automated and we believe that any kind of social media research depends on three things; number one – automation technology which is the ability to go and capture millions of conversations and cut them down to a few thousands, part two would be to use very good dictionary and language data to identify how words are being used and what context, if there is any irony or sarcasm, etc.

But finally, part three would be about methodology – to have a very good and robust methodology of research that will allow a human analyst to be able to study, who is the author or the influencer and they would have the trend data from the past to the current to understand what the contextual use of language actually is.”