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SocialEyez launches operations in Latin America
July 5, 2011, Argentina

With its focus on the world’s emerging markets, SocialEyez™ has this week launched its operations in Latin America. SocialEyez is recognized as one of the fastest-growing international social media agencies.

SocialEyez specializes in providing integrated and highly customized social media monitoring and engagement solutions to businesses around the world.

Latin America is emerging as one of the key territories on the world map of social media, with over 93 million Facebook users and more than 55 million twitter users. A recent report suggests that, as of March 2011, nearly 90% of all Internet users access social media websites.

These trends suggest that social media is contributing significantly to the evolution of communication networks in Latin America. SocialEyez, in partnership with the Global News Group, is focusing on delivering integrated media monitoring solutions to businesses in the region.

Mazen Nahawi, President of News Group International believes that integrating traditional media and social media monitoring offers vital insights into how consumers respond to a brand.

“The launch of SocialEyez Latin America will bring world class social media research to one of the world’s most important emerging markets,” said Mazen Nahawi, president of News Group. “Our partnership with Global News is an example of the great work that emerging market companies can do together to help build the next generation of global leaders in the media and communications industry.”

"We are excited about this launch because many of our clients are demanding just this type of service. The popularity of social media is growing fast in our region. Companies have understood the importance of being 2.0 and SocialEyez is the perfect partner for this." Laura García, CEO of Global News Group.

The partnership between SocialEyez and Global News Group aims to deliver efficient integrated media monitoring solutions to businesses in Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; El Salvador; Guatemala; Mexico; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Puerto Rico; Uruguay; Venezuela and all countries in the Caribbean. The languages to be covered through the social media monitoring service are Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Global News is a Latin American company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which provides media monitoring and analysis services, such as digital clipping, corporate intelligence and media analysis of printed and online press, advertising, R&TV and social networks in all the countries and languages listed above. The company has a multidisciplinary team, distributed across a network of offices throughout Latin America, providing specific knowledge for each country.

Global News is a member of the Federation Internationale des Bureaux D`Extrait de Presse (FIBEP); The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC); the Institute for Public Relations (IPR); and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

SocialEyez™ is a comprehensive resource for monitoring and analyzing social media content, combining the latest technology with linguistic and social media expertise.

With extensive experience in research and analysis and strong multi-lingual social media management teams, SocialEyez™ offers customized solutions and partners with businesses to manage their corporate reputation through comprehensive social media engagement solutions. SocialEyez continues to evolve and align with the changing trends within the sphere of social communities across the web universe.